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There are many posts on here about men who want to share wife with another man, but no one has mentioned it being done this way....
I want to watch my wife with another man, but I don't want the other guy to know about it. I want to be hiding somewhere in the room where I will not be seen, like the closet. After reading through some of these posts, I have seen several people saying they would like their wife with someone else and just tell them about it... No way... I have to watch it. My ex-girlfriend and I did this several times and it was very hot.
My wife and I have had a few light conversations about our fantasies. She would never want me to be with another woman, which is fine by me, but I can tell how excited she gets when we talk about another man. With my ex-girlfriend we had ffm and mfm threesomes. They were fun, but the hiding in the closet was the hottest for me. More and more couples are seeking an attractive female for FFM fun, but I know my wife would not be secure with it, and since I have done it before, I do not really care about it. MFM was ok, but not something I particularly care to do again. My wife definately has some exhibitionist tendacies, while I am obviously more voyeuristic. With the ex it was fun watching her talking with guys we knew and telling them when I would not be home... I would hide in the closet and watch her seduce the guys in our bedroom.
Now it would require much more deep conversations with my wife before this would go from a fantasy to planning for reality. And unlike my ex and I, it would have to be people that we do not know. I don't know if this ever will be anything more than a fantasy I have with my wife, since the relationship I had with my ex while we were doing this was already at the end... We only remained together for the sex for a long time.
Does anyone else out there want to watch, but only with the wife knowing and not the man? If your wife was excited about the idea, how do you think she would respond to you asking if you can be hiding instead of openly watching? It was my ex that came up with this idea, and I do not know if I could tell my wife that I would want to be hiding.
One of the worst things was watching a guy my ex fucked taking my last pack of cigarettes from my carton when the ex left the bedroom for a minute... And it is not like I could have jumped out the closet and yelled at him for stealing my shit! After he left and I fucked my ex... All we wanted was a good cigarette!

posted by: Joshin (reply)

I like watching my wife getting nailed by another man. Nothing turns me on more. Would like to make it so the guy never knows...that would be cool.
posted by: SpiceCrazy (reply)

I've have had this fantasy for a very long time. We have been married for several years and the excitement isnt there like it used to be. We need to get a jump start. Wife says she is fine the way thing are. Just straight sex and she is satisfied. I want to bring some heat back. This idea really gets me hot but my wife wont go for it and I certainly am not going to make her do something she doesnt want to do. A few months ago she surprised me by saying she will play and let me watch another man fondle her naked body and perform oral sex on her but not fuck him. This was great for me and I got very excited. We did find quite a number of men wanting to do this and narrowed it down to two. As the time neared she backed out. This was a real disappointment for me. While we are having sex she will talk about it but once we are finished its back to no go! I love this idea and it is on my mind constantly but it doesnt look like it will happen. In desparate need of bringing the heat back. Any ideas that may help.
posted by: Norcal (reply)

get her drunk/stoned, tie her up and share her with a friend
posted by: nphxcpl4fun (reply)

NPHX, while I think that would be fun I'm pretty sure that would cost me a marriage. LOL Anyway, I dont want her tied up because I want the guy thats doing her to turn her every which way!!!!
posted by: Norcal (reply)

but you are not positive, ... and wtf makes you think once she got going she might take total control and use him every which way, ...
posted by: nphxcpl4fun (reply)

I understand the fascination. Years back I had a girlfriend and she lived with me. There was a young guy that worked where both my girlfriend and I worked. He was like 18, she was 29 at the time. And he had this incredible crush on her. Not only was that a turn on for me, but her too. She was really honored. Anyway, we conspired to have this guy come over one night when I was supposed to be gone and he would come over to fix something after she asked him. I watched that night through a window after they'd had several drinks. On the kitchen table, this guy ate her out so good it was making me jealous. She never came more than once with me, but she admitted to me he had her screaming. No fucking, but after she was able to recover, she sucked him off.
posted by: wishbone (reply)

I'would love to watch her get a good hot long hard fuck by a hung man,while I'm in room openly watching or hiding.I share her openly,and brings me cream pie. She loves the Idea but finding right man,or not trying hard enough is the reason I gues. But I have watch her really flirt and flash her tits,juicy ass to only a few selected friends of mine that I' invite for sport events at home.She'll dress real sexcy and seductive casually.Being the only woman in the group servicing us,with the snacks,beer and other recreational stimulants for our minds, I get so fucking horny watching how they respond and look at her,knowing the thing they w'd like to do to her and her to them. as soon as they live we kind of almost run to bed and talk about the naughty flirting she did with them and about wich guy she w'd fuck ,who turns her on,how big must he's cock be,while we fuck and fuck untill we both cum .
posted by: azmfm (reply)

Call me insecure but I've never seen the fascination with watching your significant other being screwed by another man or even another woman.
posted by: dula72 (reply)

I say get in on the action. If all you're doing is watching...well, I know your hands are palming something. And I think they could both be put to better use. Get your hands off your cock and fuck somebody....Make it your motto. :D
posted by: Cloe (reply)

I gotta agree... Sorta.... I know it's cliche, but I don't mind my GF with another woman (I'm a giver) but another man would be out of the question... But I also wouldn't expect her to watch me with another woman either...
posted by: Eric09 (reply)

You're lucky you're not in the office with me right now. I'd give you a good poking. Heh heh. ;)
posted by: McCrae (reply)

Perfect example! Who wants to watch....Get int the game. ;)
posted by: Cloe (reply)

No tickets, No rules, just put your hands on somebody else and get busy. :D works for me.. put that sweet ass in the air and let's get started
posted by: Nuke11 (reply)
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